Derivatives Market – is a market of derivative financial instruments, most of which are traded on stock exchanges.

Sales are made on the basis of a guaranteed future sale at a current price, which is known as the “underlying”. The terms “contracts” or “products” are often applied to denote the traded instrument.

Future contracts are the most common between derivative instruments. All of them are standardized and have a specification which describes the contract.

Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange today holds the trades of FX futures contracts: UAH/USD, UAH/EURO, UAH/RUB.

The list of futures contracts admitted to trading on UICE:

NameUnderlyingNominalDate of performanceGuaranteed provision
USD-s/apr15USD1000$15.04.20155000 UAH
USD-s/may15USD1000$20.05.20155000 UAH


In order to take part in the Trades your company has to:

  1. Become a member of UICE.
  2. To complete an application and registration card

  3. To provide information for financial monitoring
  4. To sign the risks massage
  5. To sign a General Agreement as to operations on derivatives market.
  6. To proceed with the accreditation of your Company’s representatives.
  7. To sign a sales or rental agreement of brokers site
  8. To provide the following list of documents as to your company
  9. To access the electronic trading system.
  10. After receiving all necessary documents, UICE provides dealer / trader with the login and password for the electronic trading system access.

    Hardware of your company should meet the following specifications. додати файли українською, які в розділі укр.мови