Caution According to paragraph 32 of the organization and exchange auctions of crude oil, gas condensate and LPG domestic production of gas, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers № 570 from 10.16.2014 g., Individuals who do not participate in the auction, including the media and NGOs and invited exchange persons may attend the auction only by a decision of the Auction Committee. Registration and admission to the auction is subject predyavlennya passport or other document certifying a person.


Newsletter auction number 200 on the sale of energy


Paying bidders guarantee fee (5% of the claimed amount of purchases) is one of the current accounts of the Exchange, namely:

№26504053100211 a division of “Kiev main regional government”

PJSC CB “PrivatBank” MFO 321842

R / 26006710746130 “Raiffeisen Bank Aval” m. Kyiv,

MFO 380805, code 22877057 USREOU

recipient PJSC “Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange”

enterprise code 22877057.

The auction will be held at: Str Mezhygorskaya 1. Additional information: Tel. (8-044) 461-54-39.

Contact persons Exchange:

Vladimir Kvirenko (044) 461-54-39,

Entities that wish to participate in the auctions as buyers must sign the Exchange of service contracts not later than 18.00 hours of the day preceding the day of the auction.

Service agreement

For a contract of service buyer gives the Exchange a copy of these documents, signed by the head or authorized person and the seal of the buyer:

1) A copy of the Company Charter in the latest edition or other founding document (with amendments);

2) copy of an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and individuals – entrepreneurs;

3) Copy of certificate of registration payer of value added tax (if any);

4) A copy of the Certificate of single tax payer (if available);

5) A copy of the document certifying the powers of the head of the company;

6) A copy of the passport of the head and individual tax number;

7) The power of attorney on the authorized person who will represent the interests of the legal entity, indicating his authority (in case of signing the contract by an authorized person under p.4.2. Of the Rules);

8) Copy of passport and individual tax number authorized person that will represent the interests of the legal entity (in case of signing the contract by an authorized person under p.4.2. Of the Rules).

Exchange is entitled to demand from customers additional documents required for participation in the auction, including, but not only to perform functions subject to financial monitoring according to the Law of Ukraine “On prevention and counteraction to legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime CFT ” .


To participate in the auction the buyer takes the Exchange Auction documentation:

1) application for participation in the auction for the auction committee established form indicating the lots;

2) a certified copy of payment by the bank confirming the guarantee fee payment;

3) a document certifying the authorized person of the buyer and his powers;

Orders are accepted from the date of publication of the newsletter on the site on weekdays from 9.00 to 18.00 in room 22 (showroom) Str Mezhygorskaya 1.

Deadline for applications: 18:00 14.07.2015r.

Application for participation in the auction

The order certifying authority authorized person by auction

Terms of organizing and conducting exchange auctions of crude oil, gas condensate and domestic production of liquefied gas at PJSC “Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange” (hereinafter – Regulation) Auction committee approval of the protocol on the sale of crude oil, gas condensate and LPG domestic production of gas from number 2 19.11.2014 g., according to the CMU №570 of 16.10.2014r.

A typical contract for oil sales

A typical contract of sale of gas condensate


The general procedure for applications for participation in auktsoni and the documents attached thereto, the guarantee fee amount and order of payment determined by the Rules.