Attention! According to paragraph 32 of the Procedures of the exchange auctions for the sale of crude oil, gas condensate, and domestic production of liquefied natural gas, approved by Cabinet of Ministers № 570 of 16.10.2014, at persons who do not participate in the auction, including representatives of the hour all year round Information and public organizations, as well as persons invited by the Exchange, may be present at the auction only by a decision of the Auction Committee. Registration and Admission to the auction is subject to amounts payable passport or other identity document.


Bulletin of the auction number 18 UICE selling liquefied gas


Payment of the auction participant guarantee fee (5% of announced volume purchases) is carried out on one of the calculations Exchange accounts, namely:

№26504053100211 in office “Kiev main regional government”

PJSC CB “PrivatBank” MFO 321842

P / p 26006710746130 “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”, Kiev,

MFO 380805, code EDRPOU22877057

recipient PJSC “Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange”

EDRPOU code 22877057.

The auction will be held at: Kyiv, str Mezhigorskaya 1.

Contacts Exchange:

Vladimir Kvirenko / Inna Grinenko (044) 461-54-39,


Subjects of economic activity, who want to take part in the auction as a buyer must sign a contract with the Exchange for getting services no later than 18.00 working day preceding the day of the auction.

Contract Service

For contract customers service provides to the Exchange a copy of the following documents, certified by the signature of the director or the authorized person and the seal of the enterprise:

1) A copy of the Charter enterprise in the latest edition of constituent documents (as amended);

2) Copy of an extract from the Unified State Register of legal entities and individuals – entrepreneurs;

3) A copy of the Certificate of registration of the payer of value added tax (if any);

4) A copy of taxpayer certificate(if any);

5) A copy of the identity document CEO of enterprise;

6) A copy of passport and individual tax number of the head;

7) The power of attorney on the authorized person who will represent the interests of a legal person, with an indication of its powers (in the case of contract signed by authorized persons, according to paragraph 4.2. Of the Rules);

8) A copy of the passport and tax identification number of the authorized person who will represent the interests of the legal entity (in the case of the signing of the agreement by an authorized person in accordance with paragraph 4.2. Of the Rules).

The Exchange has the right to demand from customers additional documents required for participation in the auction, in fact including, but solely for the purpose of performing functions of the subject’s financial monitoring according to the Law of Ukraine “On prevention and counteraction to legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime or finance terrorism” .


To participate in the auction the buyer submits auction documentation to the Exchange:

1) application for participation in the auction for the Auction Committee established form with lots;

2) a certified copy of the bank payment order, confirms the payment of the guarantee fee;

3) a document certifying the person upolnomechennoe buyer and its powers;

Orders are accepted, since the publication of Bulletin on the website, on weekdays from 9.00 to 18.00 in room 22 (trading floor) Kiev, street Mezhigorskaya 1.

Deadline for applications: 18:00 10.06.2015g.

Application for participation in the auction for ppodazhe LPG

The power of attorney of the authorized person certifying polomochiya party auktsona selling LPG

Rules of organization and carrying out of exchange auctions to sell Nafti crude and gas condensate produced domestically and liquefied gas at Choa “Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange” (hereinafter – Regulation)  Approval of the minutes of the Auction Committee for the sale of crude oil, gas condensate, and domestic production of liquefied natural gas from the number 2 11/19/2014 p., according to the decision of Cabinet of Ministers №570 from 16.10.2014r.

Standard contract of purchase and sale of liquefied gas


The general procedure for submitting applications for participation in the auction and the list of documents prilagaemh them, the size of the guarantee fee and the procedure for payment determined by the Regulations.