The procedure for acquiring membership at UCE “Contract House UICE”

Only participants of the exchange trades can aqcuire membership.

To pass the accreditation and obtain the status of a participant the Cliet must submit to the Exchange following documents:

– Documents for Identification (Appendix № 1 to the Rules);

– Application for accreditation and registration of the broker (Appendix №2 to the Rules). For certain auctions application form can be established by corresponding Regulations);

– A document confirming the powers of the persons who will carry out operations in the SET, in particular, but not exclusively, to enter into exchange transactions on behalf of the Client (hereinafter – the Authorized Representative), indicating passport data of such a person, place of residence. This document must be submitted in writing and signed by the head of the Client or other person authorized to sign the relevant documents. The Exchange reserves the right to verify the proper execution of this document and the sufficiency of the powers of authorized persons (Appendix № 3 to the Rules).

– Signed brokerage space lease agreement, unless otherwise agreed by the Exchange and participants (Appendix number 4 to the Rules).