Auction Bulletin

Regulations on the sale of stakes in joint stock companies in the process of privatization at stock exchanges

Guarantee deposit is 20% of the shares purchase sprice. The registration fee is UAH 17.


Account number 26006710746130 at “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”, Kyiv, MFO 380805, EDRPOU code 22877057

Account number 32306413401 at the Head Office of National Bank of Ukraine in Kyiv and Kyiv region. MFO 321024, EDRPOU code 22877057

Guarantee deposits and registration fees should be paid separately in accordance with every order, which have been shown separately for each item in the Bulletin until 15:00 the day before the auction.

Rules of the private joint-stock company “Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange”

Information on the sale of shares of PJSC «Gorlivsky Bakery products complex»

Information on the sale of shares of PJSC «Lviv coal company»

Information on the sale of shares of PJSC «Ukrzakhiduglebud»

Information on the sale of shares of PJSC “Zaporizhya region enterprise”

The order for the purchase of shares

The application must be submitted in two copies till 13:00 the day before the auction.

Together with the order for purchase of shares, potential buyers must submit information about themself as a potential owner of these shares.

At the time of submitting application for purchasing shares each buyer and each person having intention to purchase the shares at the auction in their own name (to become the ultimate owner) should have opened a securities account at their elected custodians.

In case of purchasing shares from the funds in the amount exciding fifty non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens, such buyers – individuals must submit the income statement to the auction organizer.

Information about the owners of securities (a legal entity)

Information about the owners of securities (individual)

Application for registration of property rights

The order for execution of depository accounting operations

If the ultimate owner is a legal person, such person should prepare and submit reference on the amount of state shares in its authorized capital, certified with signatures of the head, the chief accountant and the seal of the legal entity.

In addition to passing the accreditation, applicant must submit following documents:

1) a copy of the charter;

2) a copy of an extract from the Unified State Register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;

3) a copy of the EDRPOU certificate (certificate of Statistics);

4) a copy of the certificate of registration of the value added tax payer ;

5) a copy of the document confirming the authority of the head (the order of appointment or protocol);

6) a copy of the head’s passport;

7) a copy of head’s reference on individual tax payer number.

Individuals must provide copies of passport and reference on individual tax payer number.

Documents relating to the financial monitoring.

Application for registration of property rights (for buyers who purchased shares directly).