PJSC “UICE” was founded in 1993 and, together with the Universal Commodity Exchange “Contract house UICE” is a part of the “UICE” Group.

The Exchange had organized trades with total value of exchange contracts with securities amounting as of 01.09.2015 to about UAH120 mln., which is not less than 1% of the total exchange turnover. Exchange’s own capital is more than UAH 100 mln.

By the decision of the NATIONAL SECURITIES AND STOCK MARKET COMMISSION sanctions are imposed upon the Exchange, particularly revocation of the license for activity on organization of trading in securities on the stock market.

Interbank Currency Exchange intends to appeal this decision on imposing sanctions by the NATIONAL SECURITIES AND STOCK MARKET COMMISSION in Expert Appeals Board on the licensing of the State Administration of Ukraine, as well as in the courts.

“UICE” Group reserves the right to apply to law enforcement agencies to bring to justice guilty authorized persons, who have questioned the reputation of UICE and inflicted moral and material losses to the enterprise.

“UICE” Group continues to hold auctions as usual for the sale of energy resources, property, raw materials, and forward contracts, exluding those on securities transactions untill settlement of all contentious issues with the Commission.