Results of the auctions Commodity exchange


Bulletin of the weighted average prices

at the additional auction №61D-UICE for the sale of liquefied petroleum gas

held on January 17, 2019

Summary data on the purchase of liquefied petroleum gas by buyers
Number of Customers that concluded contracts

The average purchase price for 1 ton

(including VAT), UAH

Change in the average purchase price compared to the previous auction, UAH
The total amount of product, purchased by Buyers, tons

The total cost of product purchased by customers

(including VAT), UAH

13 602,24
11 680158 874 200,00

* – VAT Price includes environmental and excise taxes

The weighted average price with shipment by rail (including VAT) – 13 605,46 UAH per ton.

The weighted average price with shipment by road (including VAT) – 13 601,70 UAH per ton.