Commodity / GoodDiesel fuel DSTU 3868-99
Amount of items in (1) one lot1 (one) ton at 20°C
Period of Tradessince 29.09.2015 till 31.12.2015.
from 11.00. till 15.00 every business day
The name of the lot in SETDT-(MISTO)-(BAZYS POSTAVKY):

1.      DT-KIEV-EXW


Basis of deliveryis indicated in the title of the lot
Regulations of Trades in diesel fueldownload
Standard form sale-purchase contractSee Annex 1 to the Regulations

* Terms and conditions of trades in diesel fuel are published on the official website of the Exchange not later than 2 (two) working days before the entry into force of the new Conditions on trades with diesel fuel in accordance with Regulations (see. Appendix № 2 to the Regulations) and Rules.


Financial conditions


Exchange’s Commission fee from sellers and buyers (see Section “Exchange Fees” in the Regulation) 0.5% of the amount stated in the sale-purchase contract on the basis of Extracts from the Register of concluded exchange contracts
Buyers’ Guarantee deposit5 % of the amount due to payment for goods planned for purchase
Sellers’ Guarantee depositUAH 0



Regulatory documents:

  1. Regulations on Trades on diesel fuel.
  2. Rules of exchange trade.



Briefly on the procedure of trading diesel fuel



To do this, participant must complete (fill in) and submit to the Exchange:

  1. documents for identification (Annex 1 to the Rules);
  2. application for accreditation and registration of broker (Annex 2 to the Rules) — 2 copies;
  3. document confirming the authority of the persons who will carry out operations in the ETS (Power of Attorney);
  4. agreement on lease of broker place, signed by the participant of trading, with acceptance report (Annex 4 to the Rules) — 2 copies;
  5. completed Questionnaire.



Sellers must provide:

  1. quality passport;
  2. balance reference.

Buyers must provide:

  1. warranty provision in the amount of 10% of the cost of goods planned for the purchase

The Exchange recommends the use of digital signature keys issued by the Information and Inquiry Department of the Ministry of income, Information and Inquiry Department of the Ministry of income, because they are free.

The reference on enterprises, which digital signatures are compatible with of our library — List.



  1. Buyers and Sellers are applying for the purchase and sale of the goods, indicating the price in UAH per tonne and the number of tons.
  2. The Exchange generates daily register of concluded exchange contracts and provides participants who signed contracts with extracts from it.
  3. Buyer’s commission fee is deducted from his guarantee deposit.
  4. The Seller pays the commission fee to the Exchange within 2 days after receipt of the extract from the Register of concluded exchange contracts, or receives from the Exchange payment for the sold goods, reduced by the amount of the fee (offset).


  1. The Parties shall exchange with electronic scans of sale-purchase contracts within 4 days from the date of receipt of the statement from the Registry of concluded exchange contracts, otherwise the penalty in amount of 20% is due.
  2. The Buyer shall pay 100% on account of the Exchange within 3 days after receipt of the statement, otherwise the penalty in amount of 20% is due.
  3. The Seller draws up a warehouse document to the Purchaser within the period specified in the sale-purchase contract if the Exchange received payment from the Buyer, otherwise the amount of penalty is 100%.
  4. The Exchange transfers payment of the Buyer to the Seller after Buyer’s message about receiving purchased goods.