Dear Sirs, Members of the Exchange,


In accordance with the Decisions № 1186 dated 03.12.2021 of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC) is prohibited to trade in securities issued by companies from 00:00 03.12.2021 (the list is attached), namely: execution by investment companies of transactions with securities of these issuers related to the transfer of rights of securities and rights on securities.

No.                 Asset management companyJoint Investment Institute
1LLC AMC ARB INVESTMENTS (legal entity identification code 38716601)Closed-end non-diversified venture mutual investment fund Invest Capital (USREI code 23300240, ISIN code: UA4000178230)

Closed-end non-diversified venture capital investment fund “Dzherelo” (USREI code 23300220, ISIN code: UA4000174957)